The Sea Tooketh

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The Sea Tooketh


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Cross posting for those of you who may be interested.. my bags have received a lovely write-up on the blog, VargaMor. Check it out:

Sigil is a new outerwear clothing and accessories line based in Seattle. The brainchild of British/Finnish independent designer Anita Arora, Sigil provides hand crafted wool and leather based clothing and accessories for women using 100% natural fibers, including wool shell, cowhide and silk. Inspired by Nordic themes and the untamed nature of the earth and sea, Arora’s work encourages self-expression.

I am utterly besotted with Sigil’s black carry-all pouch. Crafted from fine wool and leather and with a beautiful, decorate horn tip attached to the zipper pull, it’s perfect for when you want to transport your phone, keys and cosmetics in dark style.

– Katie.


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Fire and Ice

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Snow and Ice


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Mt Baker Wilderness Tree

Roses of Liberty

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